Thursday, February 24, 2011


From the beginning You were foretold

a covenant among the people


A king, that would come to serve

a servant, that would save

Through- out time, You were written about

in the Book of the Word

a Book, written in a way

that those who are not Yours

do not understand, meanings hidden

even as it is filled with promises

prophecies fulfilled

as time moves on, as time winds down

Your Book of divine guidance

words written about You, for You

for us

Those that are Yours, gain understanding

find Your love in the pages

for it is a love story

The words in Your book, a promise

written long ago, still relevant today

explaining You

written, from the different perspectives of the disciples

written in a way that the people of the time would understand

whether it was for the Jews, the Romans, the sinners

laymen or scholar

would understand, Your promises, Your love

a love so great, like none seen before

to die the death that You suffered

at the hands of man

the ones You came for

no sin did You commit, now wrongs done by Your hand

only healing, teaching, loving those who followed You

those in power feared you

The words You spoke, brought fear to them

yet You loved still

even unto death

no promise have You given, not kept

You promised only three days, on the third You would rise

building up the temple

You left the tomb, You walked among men, seen by many

Ascending into the clouds You left

as the angels spoke, reminding, You would return

just as You left, You would return

for those Your children

for those loving You

You have promised

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